BRAND STORY Hijun is a systematic system that performs all processes including product production and distribution in terms of taste and price. It is a company specializing in sushi production with excellent competitiveness and is leading the seaweed export market.



High Jun's unique quality. You can't help but believe it.

  • Brining the
    sea of Korea to your
    kitchen table

    We identify the characteristics
    of each region in Korea and
    select the best raw seaweed
    and produce consumers’
    custom-made seaweed.
    We will look for what seaweed
    you want during the season of
    seaweed production

  • Hygienic
    High-tech system

    With a state-of-the-art automatic
    system, we produce safe products.

  • Specialized Seaweed
    Company for Export

    We are seaweed experts group with
    a manufacturing expert who has made
    seaweed for more than 30 years,
    researchers from one of the leading food
    companies in Korea, and quality control
    engineers who worked for specialized
    seaweed commercial co. in Korea,
    China, and Japan.

  • Packing and

    We are able to track and manage your
    products from stocking to delivery
    by Smart Factory.


Hijun unique quality. You can't help but believe it